Saturday, June 20, 2009

Elite Soccer Development #7-Mental Conditioning

Studies have proven that certain mental conditioning techniques (or 'sport psychology') can greatly improve your athletic performance. This short video introduces some of the basics. Our DVD describes this topic in more detail.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Elite Soccer Development #6- Rosario Hook Back & Turn

This episode's "Move of the Month" is called the Rosario Hook Back and Turn:
Run at your opponent with the ball at your right foot and keep close control of the ball. Fake a shot as you get near the opposing player and change direction by hooking the ball back with the inside of your right foot. As the opposing player gets near you surprise him/her with an outside left foot touch and accelerate past him/her. Rotate 360 and spin off your right foot. Shield the ball when you are turning.

Train smart and play hard!
Coach Clayton Rosario

Passing the Ball

a) Accuracy / Eye on the Ball
b) Pace / Timing / Weighting
c) Part of Foot and Ball

Attack the ball as if you are going to shoot the ball. Get your body behind and over the ball.
Your supporting foot should be beside the ball pointing in the direction you want to pass the ball.
As your passing foot is about to make contact with the ball lock your ankle and make sure your foot is square to the ball.
Keep your eye on the ball as you are about to make the pass.
The timing, pace and weighting of your pass important for accurate passing and for creating good combination passes to beat your opponent effectively. Other parts of your foot can be used in different situations.
e.g. outside foot pass to bend the ball around an opposing player.Chip pass with the laces over the opponents head into space.
Play Hard!
Coach Rosario