Saturday, September 18, 2010

Move of the Month: Hook Backs Left to Right

The Move of the Month this time is "Hook Backs Left to Right".

Practice it and apply it on the field... better your game!

Check it out in the video above; you can find many more technical moves like it as well as a complete fitness and conditioning program, nutrition plan, and mental training tips on our DVD "Building the Complete Soccer Athlete"... check it out at

Stay Fit, Train Smart, Play hard,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Move Of The Month: Drag Behind

This month's featured move is the Drag Behind.

Check out the video... practice it, and apply it on the field!

Stay fit and play hard,


Stay Fit When You Travel

As promised, here is one of the workouts I videotaped while visiting my in-laws in Belarus (near Russia). I was unable to make it to the gym regularly, but I wasn't about to miss training (especially considering how much food we were eating on this trip!)...

So I set up several simple, intense circuit training workouts using body-weight exercises, such as the workout I show you in this video. This is similar to the Speed / Endurance workout used in our DVD(check it out at

As a soccer athlete, you need to stay in top shape all year round. Using exercises and a program like this you never need to miss a workout while traveling. If you're interested in the Power Wheel or Jungle Gym Straps, check them out on the left of my blog.

Next issue Clayton will be sharing another 1V1 technical move. Look out for that.

Stay fit and play hard!

Josh Hewett