Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Key Technical Points of Crossing

In this issue let's look at what's involved with "crossing".

The majority of the time you will want to use the inside of your foot to cross the ball. However, there will be times when you want to cross the ball with the outside of your foot or drive the ball in with your instep... whatever it takes to get the ball into the box.

Push the ball a little a head of you at an angle so you avoid the defender and give yourself enough space to cross the ball without the defender getting a touch. Turn your hips at an angle to the ball. Wrap your foot around the ball to bend it with the inside area of your foot.

Strike the ball with pace, although not necessarily like a shot; you take just a little pace off the ball but enough to whip the ball skillfully into the box. It's like taking a free kick or set piece, you want enough power to make it on goal but enough touch and skill to bend around the wall or to get over the wall.

As a winger or wide midfielder it is important to get the ball in the goal box. That means serving the ball across the goal mouth. Whip the ball in. Put the ball in with pace. This makes it easier for the targeted player to redirect the ball on goal and also helps avoid getting the ball cut out or blocked by a defender.

Get accustomed to crossing the ball when you have the opportunity. You don't have to always beat the defender. The defender, who is marking you, will begin to think you are going to cross it every time, that’s when you take the player on and go down the line to cut the ball back or take a shot yourself.

Plus, you don't need to reach the end line to cross the ball. You can and should cross the ball from any point over the half line really, as long as you are trying to pick out someone directly or if you are leading a player with a cross or long pass - as that player makes a run towards goal.

The Key Technical Points of Crossing:

* Head down.
* Eyes on the ball.
* Decide on part of the foot and part of the ball.
* Follow through.
* Head up and direct the ball to a specific target:
->Near post; far post; of edge of the box; towards the penalty spot.
* Determine type of serve depending on the situation:
->Hard low drive or high bending ball for attacker, to head or volley ball.

Stay fit, train smart, and play hard

Coach Clayton Rosario

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